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The First app of its kind that reveals hidden stories and concrete evidence, which will send you millions of updates from around the world about supernatural activities going on. PhenTracker uses the world's most advanced technology to cut through the red tape and gives you access to only the topics you are most interested in. The world renown web search will enable you to find sources and information that is hidden from normal searches; and gives you access to the following tools used by experts like the patented UFO tracker, Ghost Tracker, access to the internal mysteries database, secret forums, hidden image databases, and more from this amazing app!

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App Features

Ghost tracker Automatic Reports From Anywhere in the world as soon as an apparition is reported. Apparition Detector.
Paranormal Activity Tracker Get instant access to all paranormal activity reported to news outlets and Police.
UFO Spotter Everyday their are hundreds of hidden reports of UFo's Across the World. See what is going on.
Angel Sightings Did you know that angels are seen almost everyday in hospitals watching over loved ones? See It Now.
Creature Finder Do you believe that Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and Giants Exist? You Are Not Alone!!
Bizarre and Unexplained Things are happening over the last few years that are not being reported. You have to see this.
Breaking Supernatural News There is more going on in 2013 than ever recorded in history. Why is this not on TV and why are the stories being buried by governments around the world. Download the ap to see this.

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Track All Paranormal Activity Across The United States of America.

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Track All Paranormal Activity Across the United States of America and Worldwide.

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For a limited Time Anyone who downloads the PhenTracker will have lifetime free access. This is a limited time special because of the overwhelming response we had to our app. With all of the amazing features we are sure you will tell your friends about how amazing the program is.